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Physical therapy evaluation

An hour long evaluation involving a full palpation exam, static postural evaluation, gait analysis, biomechanic movement exam, and other specific tests and measures deemed necessary. Treatment and exercise prescription begins on day one.

Physical therapy visit

A full hour dedicated to 1 on 1 PT treatment techniques including manual intervention, neuromuscular retraining, and exercise prescription with full execution, monitoring, and adjustments as necessary

Dance/circus arts medicine evaluation

An hour long evaluation geared towards dancers and circus artists looking for technical analysis of alignment, movement efficiency, and overall conditioning requirements.

Dance/circus arts medicine training session

A full hour dedicated to 1 on 1 training specifically geared towards dancers and circus artists seeking a customized training program and coaching sessions. Melissa will create the program based on unique goals and disciplines as well as take the client through the program with guidance and hands on cueing.

wellness session

A customizable session with Melissa geared towards person health and wellness goals. This can incorporate PT concepts but not for those with an active issue or concern. This is a good option for clients looking for preventative training and advice beyond the traditional scope of physical therapy.

Backstage/onsite physical therapy and consultation

A completely flexible option for those seeking Melissa’s service onsite. We bring all necessary equipment and provide one on one sessions with anyone needing care. Melissa can also provide consultations for injury prevention and screenings onsite.